Yi Jin Jing for Vitality

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COMING SOON! An ancient movement method for reducing stress, managing energy, and building resilience to help you optimize your health.

Settle Your Mind and Unlock Your Body’s Natural Healing Energy

This self-paced program is an introduction to the ancient practice of Yi Jin Jing. It provides practical tools and methods for increasing focused attention and intentional awareness of body and breath. This qigong form incorporates mindfulness with physical movement, which in turn enhances vitality.

Yi Jin Jing is a powerful qigong practice popularized by the fighting monks of the legendary Shaolin Temple. Originally, these monks slouched over religious texts and prayed for many hours. As a result of their sedentary lifestyle, they suffered from shallow breathing, poor posture, backaches, tight shoulders, and neck pain.

This qigong form focuses on infusing soft tissue, including ligaments, tendons, and fascia with a specific kind of qi. With practice, the body becomes significantly stronger and more flexible. Each movement in the series utilizes both strength and softness thus creating a sense of balance and harmony throughout the body.

Course Highlights

Manage Your Mind & Move Your Qi

In general terms, Qi is energy. Learning how to connect with and move your energy is an empowering way to reduce stress and increase joy.

First, we’ll work with tools and techniques to settle your mind and reduce rumination. Once we are better able to focus our thoughts and remain in the present moment, we’ll begin practicing the Yi Jin Jing series which helps us embody mindfulness.

Qigong Breathing

Use your breath as an anchor to help you settle into deep stillness. We’ll explore a variety of breathing exercises and notice how they each affect qi differently.

Self-Awareness & Internal Energy

Connecting to and deepening our self-awareness helps us connect to our qi. As we become more content with ourselves, we begin to harmonize and flow with life’s experiences. We unlock our creativity and intuition, and we begin to balance body, mind, and spirit.

Qigong Movements

We’ll learn and practice the Yi Jin Jing series. This form of qigong helps us connect with our physical body, internal energy, and mental and emotional resilience, which in turn helps us relieve and heal physical pain, stress, depression, and other ailments

Learn and practice the Yi Jin Jing series with Amy Pattee Colvin.

Course format:

The workshop has three modules:

  • Postural assessment: Standing, sitting, and for the Yi Jin Jing movements
  • Introduction to qi breathing: Shifting out of chest breathing into relaxed abdominal breathing and learning a breathing technique that activates qi
  • Learning the 12-move Yi Jin Jing series

Learning Objectives:

Through attendance of this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about, gain an understanding of, and implement the fundamentals of excellent posture. Quality posture increases overall health and reduces lost time due to neck, shoulder, and back strain and injury.
  • Learn and practice three deep breathing methods, along with when and how to use each technique most appropriately. Learning how to quickly and effectively connect to breath reduces cortisol, which in turn reduces stress.
  • Learn and practice the Yi Jin Jing qigong series.

Workshop Goals:

At the end of the workshop and with continued practice, participants may experience:

  • Emotional balance and a calmer mindset, which reduces overall stress levels
  • An awareness that the body seems lighter and movement is easier
  • Expanded recognition of physical strength, flexibility, and stability
  • Peace of mind and vitality that comes with regularized deep breathing and flowing movement
  • Increased vital energy, compassion, and better overall health

This Yi Jin Jing workshop is appropriate for those who are learning meditation and qigong for the first time or wish to continue to develop their skills.

I LOVE helping people learn new ways of reducing stress and increasing joy. Over the years, I’ve discovered that my students resonate most with movement oriented forms of meditation.

Clients that work with me stand up and shine, knowing they are enough and are perhaps stronger and more capable than they ever imagined.

Join me for this one-day workshop, or explore Cultivating Mindful Compassion via weekend workshop or online 7-week series. Personalize your training through private coaching. Or join me Monday mornings at 7:15 PT for a free 30-minute qigong and mudra meditation class.

Not which option is the right fit? Email me at [email protected] to schedule a time to chat.

"Two hours ago, my body and its energy felt like a flighty flock of sparrows. Now I feel calm and grounded like a mountain. The change during the course of the day is amazing!" ~ Nathan J.

"I love the qi breathing. It helps me feel relaxed and energized at the same time. I never knew that breathing in different ways could have such profound effects on my body." ~ Susan M.

"After learning and practicing this series, I think more clearly, move more easily, and I’m better able to flow through the day in comfort. Thank you for teaching us Yi Jin Jing." ~ Jamie M.

Your Instructor

Amy Pattee Colvin
Amy Pattee Colvin

Hi, I'm Amy Pattee Colvin

What Sparked the Idea for Cultivating Mindful Compassion

I'm an unshakable optimist, educator, and life-long learner dedicated to helping you discover fully and completely, that you are enough, even when you’re not perfect.

But, I wasn’t always an unshakable optimist. In fact, I was a fearful kid, with a low self-esteem, and often suffered from situational depression. But in the mid-90s I attended a weekend Taoist meditation workshop that led me to realize the powerful benefits of regular meditation and positive mindset.

Over the years, and via many hours of workshops and retreats, my life has unfolded in a remarkable and joyful way.

Augmenting my Taoist background, in 2014 I became a certified facilitator for Stanford University’s Compassion Cultivation Training.

Cultivating Mindful Compassion blends the best aspect from both my longtime Taoist practice and Compassion Cultivation Training.

I Created This Business to Make a Difference.

I want to help you build a life that you truly love.

  • I teach people how to become their own best friends, helping people embody self-compassion rather than holding it at an intellectual distance.
  • I encourage people to recognize that taking care of themselves has an impact not only on themselves but on their loved ones and the world.

Start your journey with me because the world needs your light to shine.

To learn more about me and how this course evolved, click here.

Wishing you well,


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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and you'll receive a full refund.

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